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"GENTLY BUT FIRMLY!" has always been my motto with the horses. What a joy it is to teach a horse to understand and enjoy his individual job in life and what wonderful creatures they are! Each one SO INDIVIDUAL!


Essential ingredients for success in training horses:
  • Common sense!!!
  • Excellent Knowledge and Experience
  • Tons of Patience
  • Lots of Love
  • I don't believe that just because "it's always done this or that way", that a trainer should ever loose site of each animal's individuality. I do believe that this is why there are so many "confused and frightened" animals around. I believe that the psychology of each animal is just as important to their living successful lives as human psychology is to ours.".


    Growing up I never even thought of training a Camel! A Zebra or an Elephant, maybe, but Camels barely crossed my mind. Over the past 3 years I've had the privilege of training both Dromedary (one humped Camels) and Bactrian (2 humped Camels). They, too, as are most animals, VERY individual.